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News and Events at JaX Core Techs, Inc.

Final testing of the SurfAnywhere driver systems is complete and tested.  SurfAnwhere plans to begin marketing efforts mid-month.

The design for the SLICE Server project is complete.  Implementation is scheduled to begin in July 2004 and completion of the beta release is scheduled for fourth quarter.

StaffDot billing and accounts receivable system initial implementation completed for InterQoS Online, Inc.

JaX Core Techs, Inc., begins official operations.

JaX Core Techs, Inc., was incorporated with operations slated for initiation in first quarter 2004.


Always Moving
The corporation isn't old enough yet to have a long history, but the proprietorship that it was formed from does.  1984 was the beginning of a journey that has been fast and hard in an industry that changes faster than any other in history.  We've always kept up and as a new corporation with 20 years of roots, we will continue to do so.
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