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Why We're Here

Our mission is to enhance the profitability of our clients by developing technologies that contribute to the effectiveness of their core competencies and can be perfectly integrated into their business practices.

What Our Customers Think

JaX Core Techs, Inc., is Dunn and Bradstreet listed with a history of happy customers stretching back almost two decades. We are proud to present reference accounts on request and eager to add your company to the long list of businesses that trust us to get the job done.

The Core, originally conceived in 1984, enables clients to "work smarter" through computer automation.  The best evidence of our level of customer satisfaction is that some of the earliest work is still in use today, even at the cost of abandoning operating system upgrades to maintain compatibility.

Meet "The Core" People

JaX Core Techs, Inc., always has a group of high level technicians at its heart.  It takes much more than technical skills to be chosen as a Core-level technician.  Non-technical qualities such as imagination, vision, dedication, and ethics are major requirements for making it into "The Core" of the company.

Steven V. Jackson
Database Engineer, Software Engineer, Business Process Engineer
Extensive experience with large scale information systems, digital communications, project management, and work flow analysis.

T. Frank Zvovushe
Database Engineer, Software Engineer, Business Process Engineer
Extensive experience with large scale information systems, accounting, digital communications, and work group operations.

S. Michael Walker
Network Engineer, Security Engineer, Data Center Engineer
Extensive experience with large scale networks including Cisco, Microsoft, and Unix infrastructure and server technologies.

Ira Kreisman
Database Engineer, Telephony Engineer, User Dynamics Engineer
Extensive experience with digital telephony systems, user dynamics optimization, database systems, and core server development.

Safe Practices

Our administrative branch's primary concern is ensuring the stability of the company.  It may not sound impressive or different at first, but when you pay money to our company for a product or service, you can count on us being here to fulfill our obligations because of it.  Our books are replete with amortizations of funds that remove future operating capital from the rigors of day-to-day business.  In short, we stand apart because we don't make bets on our success with your money.

It is our belief that we have a responsibility to our customers to remain stable and available by carefully allocating future operating capital away from daily operating needs.

Track Record
After two decades of delivering quality over volume, our customers hold us in highest regard. You can ask them yourself.
Fulfilling Needs
We make money by providing capabilities to businesses that have benefits worth paying for.

We Guarantee It
We guarantee our services. They exist to augment your business, not drain its resources. If a JCT product fails to meet your needs in any way, we will do whatever it takes to make it right. 
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